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Storm Damage

Homeowners Insurance may help cover certain causes of storm damage including wind and hail.

Significant wind can cause shingles to blow off. Missing shingles can lead to leaks and other interior damage. Hail can put divots, small holes, in your roof and cause granular loss to your shingles, which can allow water to infiltrate over time as the divots and granular loss gets worse.

Hail can also cause damage to other items such as gutters, downspouts, rake boards, window capping, metal roofing, and other soft metals on your home. Even garage doors can be damaged from hail.  

The first step to see if your home has storm damage is to call us - (215) 412-3500 - and ask for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION inspection of your home to determine if you have wind or hail damage. If you do have damage, we will let you know. If you don't, we will also let you know so you can have peace in mind that your home is damage free.

If you have storm damage, we have helped many homeowners get approved by their insurance company for a complete roof replacement as well as any other items found to be damaged.

If you decide to file a claim and work with Joe Miller Construction, here's what you can expect:

  • We will email to you information about working with Miller Construction and the entire claims process. After receiving the email, we would like to either speak with you on the phone or set up a meeting in your home to go over the entire process and answer any questions you may have.
  • After filing your claim, an insurance adjuster will contact you to set up a date/time to inspect your home for damages. It is very important that we are there to meet with the adjuster and point out all the damage so that nothing is overlooked or missed.
  • Please complete and sign both the customer information sheet and agreement and return to us before your inspection, so we can be there to meet with the adjuster.
  • After your inspection, you will receive a report from your insurance company detailing the scope of work to be covered. We ask that you forward a copy of your report to Miller Construction for review. Joe Miller will make sure everything that was supposed to be approved was approved and appropriately.
  • Once a claim is settled, the homeowner will meet with Joe Miller, the owner, to go over the contract details.
  • Work will be scheduled upon a signed contract and color choice for roof shingle.

Please be sure we will guide you through the entire process and make it as simple as possible, while making sure all the repairs are done to your home.